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Welcome to the Artist's estuary, a unique ecosystem where the river of God interfaces with the sea of humanity in the brackish waters of creativity.

Browse and purchase visual arts from Brackish Water Gallery.  Enjoy viewing  giclee prints of paintings by Janet Turner of Little Lion Creations, unique mother/daughter greeting cards by INJ Imaging, hand sculpted birdbaths and whimsical creatures by Cape Cod Birdbath Company, and wood and stone carvings by artist Gary Chorpenning.   Brackish Water Gallery 2 is now featuring hand carved pendants by Gary Chorpenning also.  

Sample writings at the Stone Table from featured authors Cindi Woerdeman  and Janet Turner.  Take a moment to get to know our Featured Artists. Visit our Services page to discover unique opportunities available through the Artist's estuary.  Explore "Stirring Waters," our blog.  

Thank you for visiting the Artist's estuary. 
About Us
You can'€™t help but encounter an estuary here on Cape Cod. Rounding a bend, you see one; breathing in, you smell one, maybe even taste its salt. These picturesque marshlands are the subject of many artists' paintings. These brackish waters are a playground for many kayakers, birders, crabbers, and fishermen. 

In an estuary the relationship between the river and the ocean is an intimate tango. When the tide goes out, the river follows. When tide returns, the river seems to lead the ocean back to shore. 

We believe that the intimate relationship between Creator and creation is similar to that of brackish water life. In a sense, God is the fresh flowing River of Life to humanity, the salty ocean. Brackish water is where we meet, mingle, and sometimes run from our Creator. When we retreat from Him, He rushes toward us with ever-pursuing grace. When we turn back toward Him, God embraces us and draws us home. These brackish waters are a fertile place of creativity, teeming with life. They are a raw place, sometimes muddy, challenging our perspectives. They are a holy place, humbling the self-assured.  

We believe that the artist has a unique ability to capture movements of this intimate dance on canvas, in poetry, in song, on stage even though the powerful undercurrents in these waters may sometimes be undetectable.

At the Artist's estuary, it is our desire to encourage artists who create from the stirrings in these brackish waters, to minister through artistic expression to those who are consciously or unconsciously seeking the River of Life, and to celebrate artistic expression that not only engages our hearts and souls, but also feeds our spirits.

the Artist's estuary invites and encourages you to meet and mingle with your Creator, Jesus Christ.

the Artist's estuary is dedicated to helping artists discover and walk in their creative calling
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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control ... (Galatians 5:22-23, NIV.)